24 april-26 June  2017
Bibliotheek Helmond
Watermolenwal 11, 5701 RV Helmond

After a history as a teacher/designer/independent entrepreneur  3 years ago I settled down in inspiring Maastricht. Next to the design work I started painting. I have a Studio House with expo-space for guest artists. The studio is located in the city centre of Maastricht on a spot right on the bench of the river Maas.

Painting is for me a search for the elusive. If I get goosebumps during that process then those are the moments to catch in the work. It continues to be a search for the most suitable form of visual language. Hence the various techniques that I use.

Several examples of that can be seen in  this exhibition. So is there a realistic triptych whose theme is Durga inspired by artists Manet, Rembrandt and Degas. Furthermore, as one of my latest works, an image of Saint Servatius. Born out of an abstract work where it, as if it were true, appeared 😉

Let my images capture your imagination!